We were at Bosch ConnectedWorld!
The Internet of Things (IoT) Conference took place on 21 and 22 February in Berlin, Germany
Two days packed with Connected Mobility Aftersales Services and solutions are behind us. More than 3.800 conference and hackaton participants listened to over 140 speakers. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions had a breakout session about Services 4.0 with a presentation of Mr. Simon Meintema “No Thanks, my Car Does Not Need Service Anymore, Does It?”. The next Bosch ConnectedWorld will take on 15/16 May 2019 in Berlin, Germany.
Connected Workshop
Software solutions for a connected workshop
High efficiency, utilization and repair quality
The “Internet of things”, the smart processing of large data volumes and the increasing connection between products and their environment bear huge potentials for automotive workshops. They can ease scheduling and planning of workshop appointments and improve the individual working steps in servicing. Vehicle data and repair history are already available as the customer hands over the vehicle, the data is automatically transferred between the service devices and stored by them.
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality for automotive repair and service
Video about how Augmented Reality can be used in car repair shops
Thanks to Augmented Reality, identifying fault sources can be performed quicker and more efficiently. Repair information for the car is matched with the physical information on the vehicle, e.g. on a tablet screen. Even complex repair procedures can be accomplished quickly and easily. Watch how augmented reality glasses and the Bosch Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP) are used to facilitate and speed up repair in a car repair shop.
Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality applications accelerate motor-vehicle repairs and support technical trainings
Survey proves the benefits of Augmented Reality applications in automotive workshops
By means of a field study at Bosch Car Service workshops, Bosch now analyzed the benefits of using Augmented Reality applications in everyday workshop life. The result: Using Augmented Reality applications, time savings of 15 percent in average per step taken are possible even on common vehicles and less sophisticated repair tasks such as e.g. removing specific components.
Professional Diagnostics
Bosch VCI firmware for download
Firmware updates for Bosch VCIs
Bosch provides VCI users with all material around their test equipment for download. Choose your VCI and download the newest version of the firmware as as well as operation manuals, brochures and warranty manuals.
Augmented Reality
Product explanation via Augmented Reality
For the first time, Bosch uses Augmented Reality for the product explanation at its BEA 750 emission tester
Using the example of the BEA 750 emission tester, at Automechanika 2016, Bosch showed how to enrich the documentation of a workshop tester by multimedia contents with the aid of Augmented Reality. Bosch thus makes the innovative information system come alive and facilitates its direct use in everyday workshop life. In order to access multimedia product information, for instance, the user just has to point his tablet camera onto the cover of the product brochure.
Augmented Reality
New working methods for modern and connected workshops
Future-oriented AR solutions for servicing and repairs
Augmented Reality (AR) applications connect both real and virtual worlds as if it was the most normal thing in the world thus expanding reality by displaying useful and time-saving complementary information. Bosch supports everyday work of mechatronics by means of Augmented Reality solutions easing, for instance, complicated cases of repair. Pointing the device camera onto the vehicle, required additional information can be integrated into the real image using a tablet computer or smart glasses.