COVID Partnership Solution

As companies move to reentry, it’s important now more than ever, to ensure your business is prepared and reset for a safe and productive work environment. Bosch Automotive Service Solutions is your trusted partner to provide services and solutions to address today’s changing and evolving work environment for successful regrowth.

As your partner, we are actively looking at creating solutions to help alleviate pain points associated with these new changes and to support you in the learning journey. Understanding your specific concerns and desired outcomes, Bosch Automotive Service Solutions provides support through customized solutions based on you and your customer’s needs.

Training, Evaluation and Certification Solutions

Based on our deep understanding of industry best practices, products, and end-user knowledge, Bosch offers valued-based Training, Evaluation and Certification Solutions designed and developed to meet your specific needs, including COVID-19 mitigation.

Through analysis and assessment, blended learning solutions are focused on specific targeted user learning objectives in a multi-channel, multi-model approach using various products and customization options. A structured 4-level evaluation process ensures learning objectives are met with your desired outcomes. The solutions include:

  • Playbook support and updating
  • Customer awareness documentation, videos, remote applications
  • Development of a certification program
  • Development of training curriculum and programs including 4-level measurement and evaluation. Examples include cleaning procedures, contact-reduced sales and customer engagement
  • Customer engagement consultation
  • Remote services and solution

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Field Services

With over 25 years of field experience, Bosch’s expertise and resources can provide customized assessments that will identify and analyze your preparedness level. With health and safety as the priority, we want to ensure your work environment is protected and assist you in implementing processes for a more responsible future of successful regrowth.

The Bosch Field Services assessment benefits include:

  • Health & Safety: Assist in your organization’s adherence to health and safety procedures to help better protect employees and customers
  • Compliance: Neutral 3rd party on-site assessments that ensure compliance to OEM’s COVID-19 guidelines & policies
  • Risk Mitigation: Acts as a tool to enhance and transform risk mitigation strategy from exposed vulnerabilities
  • Strategies implemented based on assessment results now help to avoid costly process and procedure deficiencies in the future
  • Unique insights: Data-backed insights to support decision making and validating areas of compliance
  • Dedicated network of experienced service professionals with nationwide coverage and support