About Augmented Reality

Workshop technicians work more efficiently during service and repair tasks thanks to Bosch CAP (Common Augmented Reality Platform) in combination with Microsoft HoloLens 2 and tablets. Bosch offers Augmented Reality (AR) solutions to support companies during various phases within the value chain: from manufacturing to service and repair to training.


6 frequently asked questions about Augmented Reality (FAQ):

  • What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented Reality (AR) applications connect both real and virtual worlds. The reality is expanded with additional information, explanations, pictures or videos when and where needed. These are shown on mobile devices e.g. tablets, smart phones or smart glasses, when users point the camera of the device at a designated area of the object. An example for an augmented presentation of reality is shown during the broadcast of a football game when the offside line is blended in as if it were part of the field.„ More examples of Augmented Reality in the Automotive Industry


  • What is needed for Augmented reality?

Augmented Reality applications can be run on different mobile devices. The most commonly used devices today are tablet computers and smart phones. But also smart glasses or goggles, like the Microsoft Hololens can be used. Studies suggest that with the further development of technology the use of smart glasses or goggles will prevail. The benefit of using goggles or glasses is that both hands are free and the user can work faster and more efficiently.


  • What is the difference between Augmented and Virtual reality?

Virtual reality (VR) is a purely computer-generated simulation Whereas Augmented Reality (AR) overlays additional information onto the real world.


  • How do you benefit from the use of Augmented Reality?

One benefit is the displaying of useful and complementary information and the resulting saving of time. All information such as for example tools, torque specifications, measurement values, pinouts, etc. can be displayed when and where needed. For Automotive workshops, this offers the possibility of faster, better repairs thanks to simpler instructions with up to 20% less errors.


  • How to create an Augmented reality app?

There are several ways to create an Augmented Reality application for your business case. With the aid of 3D data various providers can create these apps by programming them for dedicated use-cases and from the scratch.
Another possibility to fast and easily create an Augmented reality content by yourself is the Bosch Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP). Read how to create an Augmented Reality app with Bosch CAP


  • Why use the Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP)?

The Common Augmented Reality Platform (CAP) by Bosch enables and industrializes automated content creation at large scale. Especially companies of big size can benefit from such a platform. For example car manufacturers deal with a variety of models, versions and locations with a high demand of training or product explication. When creating AR content on their own, companies can import data directly into existing editing systems, such as xmlcompass, and save costs and time. Read how to create an Augmented Reality app with Bosch CAP